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Welcome to OB Production, the ultimate source of entertainment that will leave you captivated!

OB Production brings you the extraordinary talents of Ollie himself, a professional entertainer specializing in Motown, Blues, Jazz, and Big Band music!

Our dedicated team at OB Production is committed to creating sensational shows and collaborations tailored exclusively for you! We understand that every performance should meet your unique requirements and cater to the musical desires of your audience.




Contact us today to discuss your entertainment needs:


Phone or Text:    Ollie: +1 331 901-9040

                                         Jenene: +1 847 224-7107


Our Calendar


"My husband and I have followed this gifted man Ollie Bolds since the late 80's. As many times as we have seen him(over 100 times), we are amazed every single time at his talent. The man just makes you smile."

Mr and Mrs Smith

 Married 48 years!

"We saw The Ollie Bolds Show at Blue Chip Casino in Indiana last of the best shows we have seen in a long while. Just wanted to let you know how great you are and that you gave us a fabulous time."

Dana Marie

A new friend

"I was sitting at a restaurant eating alone, on a business trip from Los Angeles. I have heard many vocalists but this guy Ollie Bolds can really really really sing. His voice is his gift, his skills to engage the crowd and be a entertainer in the true sense of the word amazed me and kept me smiling. I stayed all night by the way." 

Adam Werner

IT Consultant

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